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Pack xlibrary -- prolog/term_size.pl
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Re-exported predicates

The following predicates are exported from this file while their implementation is defined in imported modules or non-module files loaded by this module.

 term_size(@Term, -Size) is det
True if Size is the size in cells occupied by Term on the global (term) stack. A cell is 4 bytes on 32-bit machines and 8 bytes on 64-bit machines. The calculation does take sharing into account. For example:
?- A = a(1,2,3), term_size(A,S).
S = 4.
?- A = a(1,2,3), term_size(a(A,A),S).
S = 7.
?- term_size(a(a(1,2,3), a(1,2,3)), S).
S = 11.

Note that small objects such as atoms and small integers have a size 0. Space is allocated for floats, large integers, strings and compound terms.