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Pack wsdl -- prolog/soap.pl
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 soap_call(:Operation, +Input, -Output)
Generate a soap call. Input is a list of input values. Currently, each element is of the form Name=Value or Name(Value), where name is the local part of the element or attribute name that needs to be filled and Value satisfies the XML simple type required by the field. For multi-valued fields, i.e., fields that have a maxOccurs that is not 1, the values must be combined in a list. Optional fields, i.e., fields that have minOccurs set to 0, can be omitted from the Input list.
To be done
- The input specification is over simplified:
  • XML namespaces cannot be specified
  • The same (named) field cannot appear in two places
  • There is no way to specify multiple values for complex types.