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This module provides context management for various types of Prolog objects, such as IO streams, dynamic clauses, and settings. User defined contexts can be implemented using the multifile predicate manage_context/3. manage_context(Term, Setup, Cleanup) defines a setup/cleanup pair for a specific type of term. `with(Term, Goal)` calls Goal using setup_call_cleanup/3, with the corresponding setup and cleanup goals.

There is one difference between the semantics of setup_call_cleanup/3 and the corresponding goal using this library. Setup and Cleanup goals must succeed. If they fail, the error `error(mode_error(must_succeed, FailingGoal))` is thrown.

For example, the provided manage_context/3 clause for opening files could be defined:

with:manage_context(open(File, Mode, Stream),
                    open(File, Mode, Stream),

The result is that the following are equivalent:

?- setup_call_cleanup(open(File, read, Stream),

?- use_module(library(with)),
   with(open(File, read, Stream),

To show defined context managers, using `listing/1`. E.g, the context managers packaged with this module are:

?- use_module(library(with)), listing(with:manage_context/3).

manage_context(open(A, C, D),  (absolute_file_name(A, B), open(B, C, D)), close(D)).
manage_context(assertz(A), assertz(A, B), erase(B)).
manage_context(setting(A, B),  (setting(A, C), set_setting(A, B)), set_setting(A, C)).
- Eyal Dechter <eyaldechter@gmail.com>
 with(+Term, :Goal) is det
Call Goal with the context manager associated with Term.
- error(instantiation_error, _) If Term is a variable.
- error(mode_error(must_succeed, Goal)) If Goal is a setup or cleanup goal for context and Goal does not succeed.
 manage_context(Term, :Setup, :Cleanup) is det[multifile]
If true, goals Setup and Cleanup are called to manage context associated with Term. Use this multifile predicate to define context managers.