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Pack wam_common_lisp -- t/reference/r6rs-plt-redex-model/README

This directory contains the PLT Redex implementation of the R6RS operational semantics and a test suite for the semantics. It runs in DrScheme v4.x.

This version of the semantics matches the r5.92rs report.

== r6rs.scm: the semantics itself.

== r6rs-tests.scm: the test suite for the semantics. Use:

mzscheme -t r6rs-tests.scm -m

to run the tests and see a single period shown per test run (each test that explores more than 100 states shows a colon for each 100 states it explores). To see a more verbose output (that shows each test), use:

mzscheme -t r6rs-tests.scm -m #t

== show-examples.scm: use this file to explore particular examples in a GUI. Its content shows how to use it and gives a few examples. Either run it in DrScheme's module language, or like this from the commandline:

mred show-examples.scm

== test.scm: test suite infrastructure

For details on PLT Redex see:


Although note that this version of the semantics uses an old version of Redex.