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Pack wam_common_lisp -- prolog/wam_cl/src/crs/README

This directory contains the components of the Common Runtime Support:

  1. memory management (files gbc.c alloc.c)
  2. dumping an image (files unex*.c and unixsave.c)
  3. dynamic loading (dld.c)
  4. networking support (tcp.c) These are built into a library (libcrs.a) which is searched when building a Lisp application.

    Implementations of unexec for various architectures is provided. Some of them are those provided with GNU Emacs. However we cannot use for instance unexsunos4, which expects a dynamic linked executable, since this prevents subsequent loading of files (procedures such as memcpy and _setjmp do not appear in the load map).

    As a fall back we use unixsave.c, which works for all Suns, HP9000/300, Vax, DOS/go32, Apollo, IBM/RT, Sequent.