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Pack terminus_store_prolog -- README.md

terminus-store prolog bindings

![Build Status](https://travis-ci.com/terminusdb/terminus_store_prolog)

Prolog bindings for the terminus-store Rust library.


  • cargo
  • gcc
  • swi-prolog (with the include headers)


This library is downloadable through SWI-Prolog's package management system. In a swipl instance, run


Then you can use the library with


Compiling and running without installing (for testing purposes)

If you need to compile manually, for example to test a change without reinstalling the pack, follow these instructions.

Use the wrapper script `./make` rather than the Makefile directly. The wrapper script will set up swipl environment variables which the build needs.

Also, use the provided `./run_swipl` script to start a test instance. This will ensure the foreign library will be located properly.


Running the tests

./run_swipl -g run_tests -g halt


Creating a named graph and adding a triple

Create a new directory (testdir in this example), then do the following:

open_directory_store("testdir", Store),
open_write(Store, Builder),
create_named_graph(Store, "sometestdb", DB),
nb_add_triple(Builder, "Subject", "Predicate", value("Object")),
nb_commit(Builder, Layer),
nb_set_head(DB, Layer).

Add a triple to an existing named graph

open_directory_store("testdir", Store),
open_named_graph(Store, "sometestdb", DB),
open_write(DB, Builder),
nb_add_triple(Builder, "Subject2", "Predicate2", value("Object2")),
nb_commit(Builder, Layer),
nb_set_head(DB, Layer),

Query triples

open_directory_store("testdir", Store),
open_named_graph(Store, "sometestdb", DB),
head(DB, Layer),
triple(Layer, Subject, Predicate, Object).

Convert strings to ids and query by id

open_directory_store("testdir", Store),
open_named_graph(Store, "sometestdb", DB),
head(DB, Layer),
subject_id("Subject", S_Id),
id_triple(Layer, S_Id, P_Id, O_Id),
predicate_id(Predicate, P_Id),
object_id(Object, O_Id).