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Pack tailwind_pl_generate -- prolog/tailwind_generate/colours.pl
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DCGs and helper predicates for parsing and coverting colours.

- James Cash
 colour(-Colour)// is det
DCG for parsing a colour in one of the many formats supported by Tailwind/Girouette -- a preset list of colours, rgb, rgba, hsl, hsla.
 has_alpha(+Colour) is semidet
Predicate that succeeds when Colour has an alpha component.
 colour_with_alpha(+Colour0, +Alpha, -Colour1) is semidet
When Colour0 is a colour without an alpha channel, unifies Color1 with Colour0 but having the alpha value Alpha.
 as_transparent(+Colour0, -Colour1) is det
True when Colour1 is Colour0 but with an alpha channel specified.
 colour_css(+Colour, -CssStr) is det
Unifies CssStr with the CSS string representation of Colour.