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Pack stoics_lib -- doc/Releases.txt

--- Releases ---

1.1 @ 19.04.22 19.03.04 LIBS: lib(suggest(options)) in all preds that call options_append/4 19.02.25 FIXED: added map_list_options/3,4 to interface OPTS: added error on failure, add_options(AddOpts), on_fail(OnFail), and moved call options to option call_options(Copts) 19.02.22 IFACE: call_morph/4, for option transformations 19.02.19 FIXED: updated new pack_errors format 19.01.08 DOC: uniformise section names in interface CHANGE: replace =.. with compound/3 18.12.11 FIXED: add_arg/4 -> ard_add/4 in prolog/stoics_lib ! 18.12.04 PRED: moved arg_add/4 into stoics_lib and allow 1st arg expression 18.11.23 IFACE: use portray_clauses/3 with defaults [quoted(false)] 18.10.17 FIXED: calls to mod_goal from map_list_options/4 follow the new conventions DOC: added backward incompatibility note 18.10.13 REMOVE: mentions of option_append/3 and options/2 in mod_goal/4 UPDATE: call to mod_goal/4 to new argument order FIXED: mod_goal_gen/4 -> 5 18.10.12 OPTS: Overrides moved to options OPTS: options are now passed to error, so real source can be reported CHANGE: mod_goal's 3rd argument can be non var, not ground IFACE: en_list/3 OPTS; en_list throws up properly now, including trails OPTS: mod_goal/4 throws trails 18.10.06 FIXED: var(File) input in url_file/3 FIXED: fail after debug message if overwrite(false) is given OPTS: added false as alternative to fail for overwrite(Ow) 18.05.29 FIXED: option order was in two minds about true/elem value (now uses true) 18.05.18 FIXED: arg/4 now returns nths in same order as N, and multi are allowed 18.04.27 NEW: first argument of arg/4 can now be a list FIXED: use set and move from right to left when 1st arg of arg/4 is a list 18.04.13 DOC: replace dot for comma at end of predicate head, on/call/3 18.04.05 FIXED: append defaults after args in list_frequency/3 18.03.30 FIXED: load lib(options) in url_file/3

1.0 @ 18.03.18 18.03.15 DOC: removed spurious, commented (select_all/4) 18.03.13 IFACE: added url_file/2,3 (from pack(bio_db)). NEW: sub src/ directory web (has url_file.pl) FIXED: url_file/3 option dnt(false) was failing 18.02.16 IFACE: changed max_min_list/3 to min_max/3 IFACE: added list_proportions/2,3 IFACE: new pred on_call/4 FIXED: added dependency to lib(options) for list_proportions/2,3 18.02.14 DOC: examples in skim/3 18.01.24 DOC: typos in doc of term_type/2 18.01.09 IFACE: kvs_k_memberchk/3 IFACE: kvo_k_memberchk/3 18.01.08 IFACE: functor_term/2 18.01.03 IFACE: en_append/3 17.12.21 TYPO: portray_clauses/2 version tag DOC: proper formatting 17.11.21 IFACE: added term_length/2 to term/ MOVED: has_length/2,3,4 to term/ (from list/) FIXED: has_length/4 was not in LibIndex.pl ADDED: length for vars and strings in has_length/2,3,4 IFACE: curtail/3 in term/ IFACE: term_type/2 in term/

0.6 @ 17.10.13 17.10.13 FIXED: de-comment dependency to break_nth/4 in codes_n_digits.pl 17.10.04 IFACE: allow list and atoms in 1st arg of termplate/2,3 ERR: handling of var input for 1st arg of termplate/2,3 DOC: document list and atom inputs to termplate/2,3 17.09.26 CHANGE: pass meta-goals in on_fail/3 through mod_goal/2 CHANGE: pass meta-goals in which/3 through mod_goal/2 FIXED: add lib(mod_goal/n) to all meta/ files that use the predicates FIXED: added mod_goal/2 into stoics_lib/LibIndex.pl RETAB: all files in src/meta/ 17.09.25 IFACE: mod_goal/2 CHANGE: default Override in mod_goal/3 is now false (previously true) CHANGE: pass meta-goals in current_call/1,2 via mod_goal/2 DOC: improvement for goal/4 CHANGE: pass meta-goal in holds/2 through mod_goal/2 CHANGE: pass meta-goal in known/3 through mod_goal/2 FIXED: collecting of unknown values in known/3 FIXED: mod_call/3 change ground(Goal) to \+ var(Goal) FIXED: maparg/4 Npos was not allowed -1 CHANGE: pass meta-goals in maparg/2,3,4 through mod_goal/2 17.09.20 IFACE: map_list_options/3,4 17.08.23 TYPO: doc of has_length/2,3,4 17.08.22 IFACE: has_length/2,3,4 17.08.21 IFACE: added op_compare/3 to full interface (already was in sources)

0.5 @ 17.08.15 17.08.15 FIXED: spurious incomplete call to mod_goal/n 17.08.11 FIXED: remove stoics_lib: from lib(stoics_lib:mod_goal/4), in map_succ_list.pl DOC: fixed intendantion in options_append/4 options PRED: on_fail/2,3, lil'B

0.4 @ 17.08.08 17.05.17 FIX: Added mod_goal/4 loading to map_succ_list/4 17.05.17 DOC: Typos in mod_goal/3+4 17.05.17 ADDED: ass 1st arg of map_succ_list/3+4 via mod_goal/4 17.05.17 PRED: op_compare/3 17.05.08 DOC: fixed options list layout in list_frequency/2 17.04.27 DOC: typo in current_call/1+2 17.04.25 PRED: io_sections/3 17.03.13 CHANGE: io_{get,put}_line/2 -> io_line/2 ADDED: nth1/5, (was nth_replace/5), arg/4+5 ADDED: maparg/2+3+4 ADDED: atom_replace/4 17.03.12 ADDED: kv_ks/2, kv_vs/2 ADDED: goal/4 17.03.10 ADDED: n_digit_min/3 ADDED: max_list/3 RMV: nth_add/4 RMV: a couple of options dependencies ADDED: n_breaks/4

0.3 @ 17.03.09 17.03.09 ADDED: compare/4 + compare_arithmetic)

0.2 @ 17.03.07 17.03.07 ADDED: predicates, and fixed pack.pl ("empty" dir) (+pack(lib)) 17.02.24 ADDED: kv_compose/4

0.1 @ 17.02.21 17.02.21 VER: first public release 16.12.10 ADDED: en_list.pl portray_clauses 16.12.10 ADDED: meta/: current_call.pl goal_sepc.pl holds.pl 16.12.10 ADDED: list/select_all.pl 16.12.10 ADDED: io/io_lines.pl and dependencies 16.12.10 ADDED: the infrastructure