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Pack regex -- prolog/regex/state.pl
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 new_state(+OptionSugar, +CaptureSugar, -State) is semidet
True if State is an opaque value representing the regular expression state described by OptionSugar and CapturesSugar. OptionSugar should be a list or an atom. If it's an atom it should be something like 'ims', 'xi', etc. Fails if OptionSugar contains an unknown option.
 push_capture(+Capture, +State0, -State) is semidet
Adds Capture to State0 giving a new State. Capture may be Name=Value or just Value. Pushing a named capture pushes both a named and a numbered capture.
 numbered_captures(+State, -Captures:list) is det
True if Captures is a list of numbered captures in State.
 adjust_case(+Options, +Code0, -Code) is det
True if Code represents the same letter as Code0 but with case adjusted to compensate for the 'i' regular expression option (aka case insensitive).
 singleline_mode(+Options) is semidet
True if Options request single-line mode (`/s`).