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Pack prologmud_samples -- prolog/prologmud_sample_games/config-enabled-swish/r_serve.pl
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This config file provides access to R by means of the Rserve package.

To use this config file, you need to

  1. Install the Rserve client Prolog pack from Prolog:
    $ git submodule update pack/rserve_client
    $ swipl run.pl
    ?- pack_rebuild(rserve_client).
  2. Install R in an OS sandbox. We provided a Docker recipe for that at https://github.com/JanWielemaker/rserve-sandbox. This docker image makes Rserve accessible at `/home/rserve/socket`, which is accessible for users in the group rserve
  3. Add the user running SWISH to the group rserve to provide access to the Rserve socket.