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Pack prologmud_samples -- prolog/prologmud_sample_games/config-enabled-swish/hdt.pl
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This config file makes possibly very large amounts of RDF data available from swish using the Header Dictionary Triple (HDT) format. Steps to use this:

  1. Install an activate the HDT library using the commands below. This should work on Ubuntu out of the box. On other Unix systems you may need to tweak a little. Installing on Windows is most likely a challenge.
    sudo apt-get install libserd-dev libraptor-dev
    git submodule update --init pack/hdt
    swipl run.pl
    ?- pack_rebuild(hdt).
  2. Create a directory with HDT files in them you want to make available. You can later add files without restarting SWISH.
  3. Copy this file to config-enabled and go through the EDIT marked sections to configure HDT for your data.