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Pack programk -- prolog/programk/README.md

ProgramK: here in prolog/programk

This comes with two Chatbot impls:


The first ever Prolog Impl of the complete AIML Spec - @TODO Need soem offical 2.0 compliance tests!

Using ChomskyAIML Set

`swipl aiml_2_0 @load chomskyAIML`

Running ProgramD tests

`swipl aiml_2_0 @load test_suite/ProgramD`

Running ProgramQ tests

`swipl aiml_2_0 @load test_suite/ProgramQ`


A Deep Structure Logical Form (Caveman Language!)

This used a non-English/Logic based Chatbot. It reads AIML file but reengineers them to no longer use natural language (it to use Deep Structure Logical Form instead!)

Using ChomskyAIML Set swipl aiml_lf load chomskyAIML```

Running ProgramD tests swipl aiml_lf load test_suite/ProgramD```

Running AIML-LF tests

swipl aiml_lf load test_suite/srlAIML```

... bunch of gibberish...

when you get the

|:  hello bot, how are you today?

typing annie will make the aiml run the sanity chacks

if what you type is interpretable as prolog, it will treat it as prolog.

<dmiles_afk> |: member(X,[1,2,3]).
<dmiles_afk> member(1,[1,2,3]):['X'=1]
<dmiles_afk> member(2,[1,2,3]):['X'=2]
<dmiles_afk> member(3,[1,2,3]):['X'=3]

typing prolog gets you back to prolog

make remakes it