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Pack plsmf -- README.md


SWI Prolog library for reading standard MIDI files

This foreign library and module allows Prolog code to read and write standard MIDI files (SMFs) using libsmf.


  • SWI Prolog
  • libsmf ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/libsmf/ or use your package manager )
  • glib-2.0 ( probably installable using your system's package manager ) ##INSTALLATION

    The Makefile uses pkg-config to find glib, which seems to work fine on Debian and probably other Linux distributions, and on Mac OS X with Macports.

    libsmf does not seem to have a pkg-config file, the configure script in this package uses locate (or mdfind on Mac OS X) to look for libsmf.a. It then assumes that libsmf.a is in `$SMFPREFIX/lib/` and works out SMFPREFIX from that. If that doesn't work, it just assumes that SMFPREFIX should be `/usr/local`.

    If all the prequisites are satisfied and libsmf is findable, then you should be able to install this package from the SWI Prolog command line using

    ?- pack_install(plsmf).


    v0.1 - initial release. v0.2.0 - initial pack version.