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Pack persist -- prolog/persist.pl
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  • This is somewhat like a mix between library(persistency) and library(setting)
  • It's (currently) less efficient, intended for small-ish files or one-at-a-time updates, such as standalone apps.
  • It preserves the prolog terms as passed, not wrapping it in assert
  • It's able to add clauses as well as facts, any prolog term
  • The use case for this is to modify existing modules, preserving all clauses
 remove_term(+Term, +ModuleName) is semidet
Removes a Term from the module
 replace_term(+OldTerm, +NewTerm, +ModuleName) is semidet
Replace a term in the module. This will replace all instances of OldTerm with NewTerm in place.
 find_term(+Term, +ModuleName) is semidet
Finds the Term in the module, returning true if found.
 add_term(+Term, +ModuleName) is semidet
Adds a Term to the module