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Pack pac -- Readme

The PAC library defines term_expansion/2, which implements following featues on SWI-Prolog develop version (>= V7.1).

  1. anonymous predicates as meta-arguments,
  2. a limited functional expressions including applications, and
  3. regular expressions in DCG phrases. pac/Readme this file pac/hitory change log pac/pack.pl
    pac/document: pac-syntax.txt Syntax in BNF sample-queries.pl sample pac queries.
    pac/prolog: pac.pl main loader pac: anti-subst.pl anti-substitution expand-etc.pl expand etcetra (for, repeat, sed, ...) expand-pac.pl expand (compile) pac expressions expand-word.pl expand words in phrase (e.g. regex) interval-boole.pl boolean operations on intervals for regex. basic.pl odict-attr.pl odict-expand.pl op.pl pac-listing.pl parse-regex.pl reduce.pl test.pl misc math.pl demo on conditional equations misc.pl miscellaneous op-for-user-input.pl operators for user_input sample-module.pl a sample module using KIND. (other files not listed here). others (other files not listed here).

    pac/pac-config.pl a temlate file to be placed at home directory.

    pac/javascript: http-request.js javascript script to communicate with PAC
    pac/elisp: prolog-process.el emacs-lisp script to communicate with PAC, in which shortcuts are defined.
  • A sample usage: ?- [library(pac)]. ?- module(pac). pac: ?- maplist(pred([X,Y,X-Y]), [a,b,c], [1,2,3], R).

    I will appreciate for any comment or feedback.


    Kuniaki Mukai mukai at kuniaki.mukai (at gmail.com )