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Pack os_lib -- doc/Releases.txt

--- Releases ---

1.5 @ 20.09.18 20.09.17 OPTS: allow type(Type) to return the value and Type=base(Base), (fixed Type=dir, too) IFACE: os_type_base/2 20.09.16 OPTS: added outputs_to() & outputs_as_tty(), with example 20.09.14 OPTS: added stem() in os_sel/3,4 IFACE: os_path/2 20.08.17 FIXED: missing cut in os_sel(os_all,...) FIXED: testing of links that are not in current dir 20.08.17 DEPS: explicit loading of autoload SWI libs 20.07.26 DOC: tiny typo 20.06.11 FIXED: type dlink, d-part was checking for dir 20.04.08 FIXED: '' as ext in os_ext/n
1.4 @ 19.04.22 19.03.26 OPTS: sub/1 (os_sel/4) SCRIPT: new cp_rec.pl script 19.03.04 OPTS: added multi dirs as inputs and option(who(Who)) 19.02.11 ADDED: scripts/ and scripts/mk_vis.pl 19.01.28 IFACE: postfix can now be a list of atoms DOC: tiny changes to the module declarations layout and comments FIXED: os_ext/3 with 3rd argument a ground string 18.12.15 CHANGE: os_path( Dir, '.', Dir ). is a special case now 18.11.26 FIXED: option value stem=abs was adding entry twice 18.11.22 FIXED: os_dir( Os, [sub(true),solutions(findall)] ). 18.11.04 OPTS: solutions(Sol=single) in both os_dir/2 add os_file/2 18.10.17 FIXED: dots in slash stems for new ext: os_ext(x,S,b/a.r.x) 18.10.12 DOC: small typos in os_mill/4 OPTS; on_exists(OnX) is called if file exists OPTS: os_ext/4: 4th argument can now be Opts ERROR: os_mill passes self throught to os_ext FIXED: os_mill for given Milled 18.10.07 FIXED: throwing of missing alias error
1.3 @ 18.10.01 18.10.01 IFACE: removed os_type_entity/3 (covered by os_cast/3) IFACE: changed order of args 1 & 2 of os_cast/3 UPDATE: rewire lib calls to os_cast/3 (to match the above change) OPTS: os_remove/2 now uses throw/2 options DOC: more and all examples use new throw/2 options and work OPTS: dots(Dots=false) in os_file/2, and os_dir/2 ERROR: messages os_exists and os_exists_not can now take the type of the OS as 2nd arg 18.09.26 CHANGE: call convension to new pack_errors 2.0 1.2 @ 18.08.05 FIXED: location pointing to in pack.pl 1.1 @ 18.08.05 18.08.05 DOC: fix commenting so os_file/2 is properly picked up IFACE: added os_files/2 IFACE: removed os_dir_files/1 DOC: documented dir option in os_file/2 DOC: updated examples to run as-are` OPTS: stem(Stem) IFACE: os_dir/2, as per os_files, os_dir_dirs/1 removed FIXED: channel looking for entries in sub through cast UPDATE: os_files/2 call in os_sel.pl instead of os_dir_files/2. UPDATE: cast Os before sub_atom/5 in os_sel.pl FIXED: stem(rel) in os_files/2 and os_dirs/2 DOC: to reflect newest default value for stem(rel)
18.07.23 IFACE: os_file/2 version, with options dir(Dir='.') and sub(Sub). DOC: added sub(Sub) in stem options 18.03.30 IFACE: option make_path(MkPath) in os_make_path/2
1.0 @ 18.03.18 17.09.24 IFACE: os_abs/3, with option access(new) (non absolute_file_name/3) FIX: new os_abs implementation (call a_f_n/3 on empty opts list) 17.09.20 OPTS: with_ext(WithExt) @ os_postfix/4, with example DOC: made call modes of os_ext/4,3 more precise FIXED: groundness error in os_ext/3, now uses new pack_errors version (and distinct error for os_ext/4) DOC: more examples @ os_ext/4,3 17.08.04 DOC: os_postfix/3 one more example FIXED: os_postfix/4 instantiation error when ignore_post(IpostB) was used FIXED: os_postfix/2 instantiation error when Postfix (arg 1) was variable RETAB: replaced tabs by spaces in src/os_postfix.pl 17.07.06 DOC: os_dir_stem_ext/2 enhancements IFACE: os_dir_stem_ext/2 DEL: loading library requires in os_mill.pl OPTS: new option type(Type) and associated options IFACE: delegate some of os_mill/4's options to os_dir_stem_ext/2 DEL: os_mill_milled/5 (internal, its function should now be in os_dir_stem_ext/2) DEL: os_mill_dir/5 (now in os_dir_stem_ext/2, was already commented out) 17.03.23 FIXED: use read_link's 2nd rather than 3rd argument (posted bug to SWI) in os_exists/1+2 17.03.12 ADDED: @(Goal) as an allowed first argument to os_mill/4 17.03.12 TYPO: access_file/2 highlighting
0.6 @ 17.03.10 for pack(lib) v1.1 17.03.10 CHANGE: doc for os_exists/2 17.03.03 CHANGE: os_exists/2 option reports(Rep) to error(false). Fixed its implementation for some of the cases as it was always erroring 16.12.19 ADDED: call_options(Copts) can now carry the value false, which excludes options argument from the os_mill/4 call. CHANGE: in file + dir are now casted to file's type (previsously always \ () ) FIXED: os_postfix( rho_and_psi, 'PD21872a2_refit_rho_and_psi.txt' ). % now it succeeds UPDATE: os_unique_by_name/2,3 -> os_unique/2,3 now it additionally supports versioning ADDED: os_cp/2 ADDED: os_mv/2 ADDED: os_sel/3,4 ADDED: os_un_zip/3 FIXED: os_path stripped unessecary /() in os_path_ground FIXED: os_mill call to os_path with /() to \() FIXED: os_ext( srt, file, file.srt ). FIXED: os_cast( file, atom, file ). ADDED: os_plate_cast/3 error

0.5 @ 16.03.01 16.03.01 ADDED: os_lib.pl in the distro !

0.4 @ 16.03.01 16.03.01 TYPO: @see corrected to project page IFACE: Use Jan Wielemakers two liner for os_lib.pl :- module(os_lib, []). :- reexport(os) .

0.3 @ 16.03.01 16.03.01 ADDED: requires dependency to pack.pl

0.2 @ 16.03.01 16.03.01 CHANGE: Mono-module + all pack dependencies fixed

0.1 @ 16.01.31 First public release