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Testing APE

Author: Kaarel Kaljurand

Version: 2012-02-08


This document explains how to test APE including the various DRS translators that APE contains.

APE Regression test

To regression test APE, just run:

bash rtest.bash

or if you want to download the latest regression testset first then run:

bash rtest.bash d

Note that for the above command to work you need an internet connection, and curl installed. (If you edit the script rtest.bash, then you can replace the need for curl with the need for wget.)

A file with a timestamp containing the regression test results along with APE's output is stored into the testruns-directory.

In order to get a digest of the testrun, grep the file for regression tester messages, e.g.:

cat testruns/rtest_050601-1310.txt | grep "^0"

or cat an already filtered file:

cat tmp/now.txt

In order to explore the erronous DRSes, open the file and search for the strings

  • 0000 (Correctly generated an empty DRS)
  • ---- (Correctly generated a DRS which is not empty)
  • `0->#` (Failed to generate an empty DRS)
  • `#->0` (Incorrectly generated an empty DRS)
  • #### (DRSs which are not empty do not match.)

To get a listing of all the regressions:

cat tmp/now.txt | grep "\[.*#.*\]"

Note: the regression testing is only tested with SWI-Prolog. It is assumed that SWI-Prolog is called swipl, if it is not the case then modify rtest.bash accordingly or set a symbolic link, e.g.:

ln -s `which pl` swipl

Runtime of the complete test run on different machines:

  • Mac OS X G4: ~25 seconds (~3000 testcases)
  • Intel i3, 2011-06-20: ~11 seconds (3613 test cases, excluding bug reports)

Testing Drace Core and Drace NP

Running the test:

echo "[test_drace]. test_drace(core)." | swipl > drace_test_results
echo "[test_drace]. test_drace(np)." | swipl > dracenp_test_results

Getting an overview of the problems by filtering out certain testcases that point to pseudo-problems.

cat drace_test_results | grep "FAIL" | grep -v ":" | grep -v "ach of" | wc

Running all the tests

time (bash test_everything.sh) > out.txt 2> err.txt

This takes about 55 seconds on an i3 Linux laptop with SWI-Prolog v6.