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Codeco parser in DCG


Works but tokenization should be improved:

  • split off punctuation
  • don't be affected by trailing whitespace (the current work-around is to pipe the input through `sed "s/ *$//"`)


  • grammar.pl: parser in Codeco format (incl. a small test vocabulary), comes from the AceWiki distribution, but modified
  • grammar_dcg.pl: parser in DCG (automatically generated, do not edit!)
  • compile.sh: converts grammar.pl into grammar_dcg.pl, only needed if you modify grammar.pl
  • parse.pl: parses STDIN using grammar_dcg.pl
  • sentences.txt: example input for parse.pl

Modifications to grammar.pl

  1. Add support for:
    • `isn't`
    • `aren't`
    • `don't`
    • `doesn't`
  2. Every of-noun is also a noun and vice versa. This reflects better ACE where there is no explicit of-noun category.
  3. Add support for `nothing but`, because this construct is used in the Ontograph testset.
  4. `it_is_false that` now takes simple_sentence_1 as its argument (was: simple_sentence_2), i.e. `it is false that there is ...` is now possible, as well as `it is false that it is false that ...`.


The output (STDOUT) shows for each input sentence on a separate line its tokenization (where two spaces mark the token border) and a prefix OK or FAIL depending on whether parsing succeeded or not.

echo "Mary is a friend of Mary ." | sh run.sh
OK: Mary  is  a  friend of  Mary  .
cat sentences | sh run.sh
OK: Mary  asks  Mary  .
OK: Mary  is  a  friend of  at least  2  women  .  Mary  asks  Mary  .
FAIL: this  sentence  should  fail  to  parse
OK: everybody  asks  somebody  .

Parsing the complete test set (19k sentences):

time cat sentences | sh run.sh > out.txt
real	0m21.224s
user	0m21.097s
sys	0m0.144s