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Pack logicmoo_nars -- examples/more/MultiStepExamples-1in.txt

// This file contains a group of multi-step inference examples, which show the expressive and inferential capability of NARS, as implemented in version 1.5.1.

// Each example starts at a line with a "*" to empty the memory of the system. // To run an example, copy/paste the input lines into the input window of the NARS. // Listed after the input lines are the lines displayed in the main window of NARS during the processing of the input, followed by a brief explanation of the example.

// To only display the relevant output, in the main window of NARS go to menu item "Paremeter", then select "Report Silence Level", and move the scrollbar to its right-most position (value 100). Click "Hide" to finish the change.

**** Choice **** <robin --> bird>. 10 <swan --> bird>. %1.00;0.80% 10 <penguin --> bird>. %0.80% 10 <?1 --> bird>? 60