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Pack irc_client -- prolog/irc_client.pl
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This is the main interface to irc_client. Connections and their respective information sets are maintained here.

- Ebrahim Azarisooreh
To be done
- More documentation of pack useage is needed, perhaps even wiki
- Add direct support for CTCP actions
 connect(+Host, +Port, +Pass, +Nick, +Names, +Chans) is nondet
Open socket on host, port, nick, user, with the specified password, names, and channels to be joined.
Host- An atom that represents the address of the IRC host to connect to
Port- A positive integer that represents the port to connect to
Pass- An atom that represents the password of the connection
Nick- an atom that represents the nickname of the user's connection
Names- A list containing three three atoms of the format: [Hostname, Servername, Realname]
Chans- A list of atoms, each atom representing a channel to connect to
 assert_handlers(+Id, +Handlers) is det
Assert handlers at the toplevel, where Handlers is a potentially empty list of goals to be called as irc messages come in. This is meant to be used as a directive in the user's program; however, there are plenty of cases where it's acceptable to call this as a normal goal during runtime.
Id- The identity or alias of the connection; this should match the alias of the thread started to initiate the connection via connect/6
Handlers- A list of goals that are made available to irc_client. All goals should have an arity of 1, and deal with processing an Id-Msg pair that an IRC server relays to the client
- instantiation_error if Id is not ground
 disconnect(+Id) is semidet
Issue a disconnect (quit) command, and clean up all unneeded information from the top level. This process will only be handled for the connection that contains the alias Id.