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Pack inotify -- prolog/inotify.pl
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This library provides an interface to the Linux inotify API that generates events for changes to the file system. The interface exposes a high level interface that is built on top of a complete encapsulation of the low-level Linux inotify API. The high level interface maintains an admin of watched locations and translates the events to the physical file locations.

 inotify_init(-INotify, +Options) is det
Create an INotify object. Options is currently ignored.
 inotify_close(+INotify) is det
Close an INotify object.
 inotify_add_watch(+INotify, +Path, +Options) is det
Add a watch for Path. Path is refers to either a file or directory and may be a term suitable for absolute_file_name/3. Options is a list of atoms that create the watch mask. These options are documented with inotify(7). The Prolog version is derived from the C macro name (e.g., IN_CLOSE_WRITE) by dropping IN_ and turning the remainder to lower case (e.g., close_write). Using all watches for all events.
 inotify_rm_watch(+INotify, +Watch) is semidet
Remove the indicated watch. Watch is either the integer watch id, an absolute path or a path specification used for inotify_add_watch/3. @see inotify_current_watch/2.
 inotify_current_watch(?INotify, ?Path) is nondet
True if Path is watched by INotify.
 inotify_read_event(+INotify, -Event, +Options) is semidet
Read and event from an INotify object. Event is a term Action(Object), where Object is one of file(File) or directory(Directory) and action is one of:
File was accessed
File metadata changed
File opened for writing was closed.
File or directory not opened for writing was closed.
File/directory created in watched directory.
File/directory deleted from watched directory.
Watched file/directory was itself deleted. The target is automatically removed from the watched targets.
File was modified (e.g., write(2), truncate(2)).
Watched file/directory was itself moved. Unfortunately the interface doesn't tell us where the directory or file moved to. As a result, inotify_current_watch/2 indicates the old location and all reported events keep indicating the old location.
Generated for the directory containing the old filename when a file is renamed.
Generated for the directory containing the new filename when a file is renamed.
File or directory was opened.