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Pack hdt -- README.md

Header Dictionary Triples (HDT) for SWI-Prolog

This repository is work in progress to provide access to HDT files from SWI-Prolog based on the C++ library for these files.

HDT files form a natural addition to SWI-Prolog's memory based RDF store to access large amounts of static background knowledge without enlarging the memory footprint.

This repository is organised as a SWI-Prolog pack. To install it, perform the steps below. Installation and usage is tested on Ubuntu and Fedora. This should work on most Unix-like machines. Installation on Windows requires more creativity though.


  1. Install a recent version of Serd:
    curl -s http://download.drobilla.net/serd-0.26.0.tar.bz2 | tar -xj && \
      cd serd-0.26.0 && \
      ./waf configure && \
      ./waf && \
      sudo ./waf install;
  2. Install Raptor2. On Fedora: `sudo dnf install raptor2-devel`

    On Ubuntu: `sudo apt-get install libraptor2-dev`

  3. After the prerequisites are installed, the HDT library can be installed from within Prolog using the following command:
    ?- pack_install(hdt).


If the installation went well, you can load the HDT library with the following command:

?- [library(hdt)].


Usable, but still experimental.