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Pack graphpl -- README.md


SWI prolog package to manage graphs.

Basic info

A graph, in this package is represented in this way: graph(ListOfVertices,ListOfEdges) where ListOfVertices is a list of integer and ListOfEdges is a list of predicates edge/2 or edge/3 where edge/2 is used to for unweighted graphs (edge(NodeA,NodeB)) and edge/3 is used for weighted graphs (edge(NodeA,NodeB,Cost)).

Available Predicates


:- use_module(library(graph)).


?- test(T).
T = graph([1, 2, 3, 4], [edge(1, 2), edge(1, 3), edge(1, 4), edge(2, 3), edge(2, 4), edge(3, 4)]).


Feel free to open an issue if you found some problems or pull request if you want to contribute. Feel free also to suggest predicates that should be good to have.