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Pack graphml -- prolog/graphml_ugraph.pl
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 graphml_write_ugraph(+Out, +Map, +Keys, +UGraph) is det
 ugraph_xml_dom(:Map, +Keys, +UGraph, -DOM) is det
Convert a ugraph into an GraphML DOM.
Map- is a called as call(:Map, +KeyName, +Obj, -KeyValue) and must be semidet. For nodes, Obj is a term node(Node) for edges, it is a term edge(From, To). The reserved key id is used to query an identifier for nodes and edges. If this fails, the nodes and edges are numbered n<N> and e<N>.
Is- a list key(For, KeyName, KeyType).
Ugraph- is a ugraph as defined in library(ugraph)
DOM- is a Prolog XML DOM that can be handed to xml_write/3 to create a GraphML document.