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Pack fine_upload -- prolog/http/fine_uploader.pl
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This module implements the traditional HTTP backend methods to use Fine Uploader, a modern and feature-rich web client for uploading files to an HTTP server. The upload backend implements the following features:

  • Support one-shot uploads as well as chunked uploads.
  • Support deletion.

Files that are received are placed in a directory controlled by the setting upload_directory, which defaults to uploads. If the directory does not exsit but can be created this is done.

Integration with the remainder of the server is accomplished using the library(broadcast). This library broadcasts the following events:

file_upload(+Name, +SavedFile, +Request)
A file named Name has been uploaded to SavedFile. SavedFile is an absolute path to the file saved in the directory defined by the setting upload_directory and has the same extension as the original file. Request may be used to identify the user. This hook is executed in the context of the receiving HTTP worker.
See also
- https://docs.fineuploader.com/endpoint_handlers/traditional.html