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Document-oriented transactional in-memory database for SWI-Prolog. Documents are represented using dicts and are organized into collections. Each document is assigned an unique identifier ($id) that can be later used to retrieve/update/remove the document.

Data is stored in-memory and database changes are journaled onto the disk. This works similar to persistency.pl except that the high-level interface is different (documents vs. predicates) and the library is thread-safe. The library supports transactions and hooks (before_save, before_remove).

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Example usage

Open database:

?- ds_open('test.db').

Insert some data:

?- ds_insert(vehicle{year: 1926, make: chrysler, model: imperial}).
?- ds_insert(vehicle{year: 1953, make: chevrolet, model: corvette}).
?- ds_insert(vehicle{year: 1954, make: cadillac, model: fleetwood}).

Query all documents in a collection:

?- ds_all(vehicle, List).
List = [
        make:chrysler, model:imperial, year:1926},
        make:chevrolet, model:corvette, year:1953},
        make:cadillac, model:fleetwood, year:1954}].

Query by condition:

?- ds_find(vehicle, year=1953, List).
List = [
        make:chevrolet, model:corvette, year:1953}].


?- ds_update(vehicle{'$id':'23418d47-5835-41ff-a6b8-8748f3b2163e', year: 1954}).
?- ds_col_get(vehicle, '23418d47-5835-41ff-a6b8-8748f3b2163e', Vehicle).
Vehicle = vehicle{'$id':'23418d47-5835-41ff-a6b8-8748f3b2163e',
    make:chevrolet, model:corvette, year:1954}.


?- ds_col_remove(vehicle, '23418d47-5835-41ff-a6b8-8748f3b2163e').
?- ds_all(vehicle, List).
List = [
        make:chrysler, model:imperial, year:1926},
        make:cadillac, model:fleetwood, year:1954}].


Transactions are built-in to guarantee database consistency. Each predicate that modifies database (such as ds_insert) starts implicit transaction. Transactions can be nested. In that case only the outer transaction has effect. To use explicit transaction, use ds_transactional/1. Example:

    ds_insert(vehicle{year: 1926, make: chrysler, model: imperial}),

Running this through ds_transactional/1 causes no changes made by ds_insert to be persisted as the predicate ends with fail. Same would happen when the predicate threw an exception.


Two kinds of hooks are supported: before save and before remove. Hooks are registered using the ds_hook/3 predicate. Hook that fails or throws an exception will abort the current transaction. Transactions inside hooks are joined with the currently running transaction.


Requires SWI-Prolog 7.x.



  • 2014-04-22 version 1.0.1 - use dot notation instead of get_dict_ex/3.
  • 2014-01-02 version 1.0.0 - switch to dicts, more tests, transactions.
  • 2013-12-23 versions 0.0.1/0.0.2 - docstore working with option lists.

Version 2.x

  • ds_remove/1 is removed, provided untyped access, use ds_col_remove/2.
  • ds_remove/2 is removed, use ds_col_remove_cond/2.
  • ds_id/2 can be used to extract document id.
  • ds_get/2 and ds_get/3 are removed, provided untyped access, use ds_col_get/3 and ds_col_get/4.

API documentation

See http://packs.rlaanemets.com/docstore/doc/.


Enable debugging with debug(docstore) on the console.

Known issues

  • Disk representation is not very compact. This could be improved.
  • before_save hooks are only given updated values not whole document. This might change.

Bug reports/feature requests

Please send bug reports/feature request through the GitHub project page.


The MIT License.