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Pack chess_db -- doc/Releases.txt

--- Releases ---

0.3 @ 18.09.14 18.09.14 IFACE renaming openning -> opening 18.08.20 IFACE chess_db_ids_pgn/2 CHANGE chess_db_id_info/3 -> chess_db_game_info/3 CHANGE chess_db_game_id/1 -> chess_db_game/1 18.08.17 DOC updated all examples and predicate docs 18.08.16 CHANGE Dbs are now relative to dir option entries OPTS new db(Db) for returning connected abses (chess_db_connect/3) DOC examples in chess_db_connect/2 18.08.15 IFACE added arity chess_db/3 IFACE if arg.DB or opt.DB 3 is var, abs loc is returned 18.08.15 CHANGE do not fail if one db open fails DEBUG set debug channel chess_db(true) to on by default FIXED opening of multiple dbs concurrently (no predicated) IFACE chess_db_id_info/3 IFACE chess_db_game_id/1 ADDED chess_db and pgn aliases (and pgn extension for pgn/2) 18.08.05 FIXED remove atom_codes/2 that had dangling debug atom 18.08.02 FIXED games with opening comment, and moves are now parsed CHANGE representation of moves in pgn/2 :( NEW support $ starting NAGs (Numeric Annotation Glyphs) FIXED %d to ~d in some debug errors FIXED new line between N... and the move IMPROVE the reading-in of originals more strict at separating games UPDATE chess_db/2 to the new move/5 structure
0.2 @ 18.03.20 18.03.20 DEBUG: new term for White vs Black reading-in update FIX: nested variations FIX: recognise * as a valid result (properly read-in) DOC: pack(chess_db) -> chess_db in .pl and Readme
0.1 @ 18.03.18 18.03.17 FIX: single quotes in Info 18.03.13 PGN: pgn/2 DATA: 4nclall1718.pgn 4ncl_short.pgn 18.02.18 PACK: chess_db