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Pack chat80 -- README.md

The classical CHAT80 natural language system

The CHAT80 system has been developed in the 70s and 80s by Fernando C.N. Pereira and David H.D. Warren. It implements a natural language question answering system that answers questions about the world: countries, cities, rivers, etc. It does so by parsing the question, translate the parse to a Prolog query and run this against its database.

This version is derived from the original via Quintus Prolog after some compatibility modifications for SWI-Prolog and adding a module header that allows using it safely together with other applications.

The code is definitely dated. Still, it provides a nice example using Prolog for parsing, assigning meaning and querying.


The copyright is as far as we know with the original authors and made available under a classical academic use license. See LICENSE in the prolog/chat80 directory. The content of that file was copied from the Python NLTK data package that includes the chat80 files.