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Pack bims -- doc/Releases.txt

--- Releases ---

3.0 @ 2023/05/08 2023/05/08 FIXED: can re-run chains now, introducing bims_re_load/1 FIXED: can load additional dlps (dlp_load/1)- ad mods are now loaded from $TMP/bims/<mod>.pl DEPS: added standard SWI library dependencies to initial_lib IFACE: runtimes are in modules now TEST: auxil/distro runs tests on to-be-installed .tgz 2023/05/07 IFACE: dlp_load/1, dlp_load/2, dlp_sample/1,dlp_sample/3, dlp_call/1,dlp_call/3, dlp_call_sum/2, dlp_seed/0, dlp_path_prob/2, dlp_path_prob/3 FIXED: can play well with lib(mlu) now CLEAN: remove local vers of portray_clauses.pl and goal_spec.pl DOC: sampling in module docs DOC: preds index section 2022/11/06 CHANGED: codes_n_digits/3 -> lexi_n/4
2.5 @ 2022/01/02 2022/01/02 CLEANUP: A number of dangling files in src/lib were removed DELINK: opts_select_infiles.pl, atom_number.pl, delete_file_if.pl, file_name_extends.pl
2.4 @ 2021/12/29 2021/12/29 DEPS: started dependency to pack(stoics_lib) CHANGED: head_to_spec/2 -> goal_spec/2 CHANGED: to_list/2 -> en_list/2 DELINK: option_in_values_or_else_default.pl,werr.pl,is_letter.pl,if.pl,ord_only_add_elem.pl DELINK: on_random.pl,rev_append.pl,n_distinct_randoms_in.pl,write_list_with_line_numbers.pl DELINK: is_list_of_n_vars.pl,open_mode.pl,write_terms.pl,remove_template_duplicates.pl DELINK: to_list.pl FIXED: add begin_of_file to the terms that are not dlp interpreted FIXED: ref to dir in cart.dlp from aux to aux_code. CHANGED: ensure_loaded(aux_code/ord_int_intersection) to compile()

2.3 @ 2018/12/21 2018/12/21 CHNAGED: wins don't like models/carts/dlps/aux -> aux_code and ref in cart.dlp

2.2 @ 2017/04/18 - typos in Readme, remove .git from distro, changed licence.

  • added references to the BN likelihoods (README)
  • temporary links of the lib files
2.1 @ 2017/03/10 - updated to work with pack(lib) v1.1 2.0 @ 2016/11/29 - copied over a couple of linked files. @ 2016/11/11 - Two typos in bims/1 doc. @ 2016/11/04 - Added citations and version pred to interface. @ 2016/11/04 - Changes to expaneniated the log-likehood to get the ratio it now first tests for >0 in which case we don't need to run exp(). This should make things faster and avoids overflow errors. Done in main carts and bn lhood_canonical/5. @ 2016/11/04 - Minor module doc fixes.


1.0 @ 2014/12/15 - First public release