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Pack bibtex -- prolog/bibtex_rdf.pl
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Predicates for porting a BibTeX file or entry to its RDF simile.

- Gimenez, Christian
- GPLv3
 guess_sufix(+Author:term, +Title:string, -Sufix:term)
Try to create the IRI Suffix from the author a title of a bibtex.
 guess_subject(+BibEntry:term, -Subject:term) is det
guess_subject(+BibEntry:term, +Subject:term) is det
True iff Subject is a guessed abbreviated URI we should use for the provided BibEntry.

We need a dynamic predicate paper_prefix/1 defined if a prefix should be used for Subject.

 bibtex_to_rdf(+BibEntry:term, +Graph:term) is det
Assert all BibTeX fields into the RDF Graph.
 bibtexfile_to_rdf(+BibtexFile:term, +Graph:term)
Parse the file and store all BibEntries in the Graph.
BibtexFile- A term with the BibTeX file path.
Graph- A RDF graph created with rdf_create_graph/1.