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Interface to OpenGL

There are multiple interfaces to OpenGL.

plOpenGL by Jan Tatham

PlatformsMacOS, Linux, Windows

Copying from a message on the mailinglist

If anyone is interested, I have some dormant/old code for an OpenGL binding to SWI.

The code hasn't been worked on for a year and I don't think I'll get around to working on it much. However, there is enough to support visual/glut window creation, drawing of standard shapes and some stuff for resizing, etc. However, most open GL primitives, GLU and GLUT functions are mapped to prolog. Needless to say there isn't any documentation and the design could be improved ...

If anyone is interested in seeing this library completed please let me know - I wasn't planning to, but if there is a need ...

Alternatively, if anyone wants to offer help / take over, feel free to grab the source which is here:

The file below is a copy of the link above after removing the platform specific (.so) file.

- Phillip J Turner