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SWI-Prolog on Mageia

Maintainer: Filipe Saraiva

Mageia releaseCauldron43
SWI-Prolog release6.
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SWI-Prolog is available in Mageia since Mageia 3. In Mageia 4, the package names were modified in order to follow the guidelines for SWI-Prolog Linux package.

SWI-Prolog packages in Mageia 4

  • swi-prolog - Prolog interpreter and compiler; install swi-prolog-nox and swi-prolog-x
  • swi-prolog-doc - Documentation for swi-prolog
  • swi-prolog-java - Java interface for swi-prolog
  • swi-prolog-nox - SWI-Prolog without GUI components
  • swi-prolog-odbc - ODBC interface for swi-prolog
  • swi-prolog-x - swi-prolog native GUI library; install swi-prolog-nox.

SWI-Prolog packages in Mageia 3

  • swi-prolog - Prolog interpreter and compiler
  • swi-prolog-jpl - Java interface for swi-prolog
  • swi-prolog-xpce - swi-prolog native GUI library