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Windows keyboard accelerators in XPCE

XPCE and SWI-Prolog started in the Unix/X11 and Free Software environment, when `Emacs' was the dominant standard for keyboard accelerators.

As of SWI-Prolog 5.0.9/XPCE 6.0.9 the system provides infra-structure for platform-dependant accelerators and runtime switching between defined schemas. In these versions the default on Windows is to use CUA bindings and on Unix/X11 to use Emacs bindings. If you want to use CUA on Unix or Emacs on Windows you can set the class-variable key_binding.style in your ~/.config/swi-prolog/xpce/Defaults file. The following defines you want emacs mode, regardless of the platform.

key_binding.style: emacs
See also
- PceFonts.md for more info on changing XPCE defaults.