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How do I enlarge the stacks?

Old versions of SWI-Prolog had quite limited default stack-sizes. As of version 5.10, there are no resources involved with unused stack-space and the limits on 32-bit platforms are by default the maximum that can be handled on these platforms: 128Mb. On 64-bit platforms the default is 256Mb, which typically means you have roughly the same limit as on 32-bit systems. However, on 64-bit platforms you can extend the limits.

But, my program is too big. What now?

Prune choicepoints. Deterministic programs use way less memory on all the stacks. Use the SWI-Prolog source-level debugger to find choicepoints.

But I really have a lot of choicepoints and data

SWI-Prolog can handle that on 64-bit systems. As of version 5.10, the limits can be modified at runtime using set_prolog_stack/2. The code might looks like this:

:- set_prolog_stack(global, limit(100 000 000 000)).
:- set_prolog_stack(trail,  limit(20 000 000 000)).
:- set_prolog_stack(local,  limit(2 000 000 000)).

This has the same effect as calling Prolog using the command line options below, except that the command line options set the initial stack limit for all threads, while set_prolog_stack/2 only affects the calling thread.

% swipl -G100g -T20g -L2g