4 Dialog (controller) windows

XPCE Dialog windows are normally used to display a number of controllers, named dialog_items in XPCE's jargon. Class dialog is a subclass of window with specialised methods for positioning controllers. Dialog items are graphical objects specialised for displaying and/or editing particular data. Figure 7 illustrates the inheritance relations relevant to dialog windows and the locations of the most important methods.

Figure 7 : Dialog Inheritance Hierarchy

Dialogs can be created both by using the new/2 and send/[2-12] operations as well as by using the Dialog Editor which is described in appendix A. This section describes the first mechanism. Reading this chapter will help you understanding the dialog editor.

Section Index

4.1 An example
4.2 Built-in dialog items
4.3 Layout in dialog windows
4.3.1 Practical usage and problems
4.4 Modal dialogs: prompting for answers
4.4.1 Example: a simple editor for multiple fonts
4.5 Editing attributes
4.5.1 Example: editing attributes of a graphical