A The dialog editor

The dialog editor is a GUI based tool for the definition of dialog windows (windows with controls). It supports the following phases of the definition of a GUI:

Section Index

A.1 Guided tour
A.1.1 Creating the target dialog window
A.1.2 Adding controls to the new window
A.1.3 Defining the layout
A.1.4 Specifying the behaviour
A.1.5 Generating source code
A.1.6 Linking the source code
A.1.7 Summary
A.2 Miscellaneous topics
A.2.1 Specifying callback to prolog
A.2.2 Advanced example of behaviour
A.2.3 Specifying conditional actions
A.2.4 Load and save formats
A.3 Status and problems
A.4 Summary and Conclusions