11 Commonly used libraries

In this chapter we document some of the libraries from the <pcehome>/prolog/lib XPCE/Prolog library. The libraries described here are only the commonly used ones. For more information check the file Overview in the library directory and the source-code of the library.

Section Index

11.1 Library ``find_file''
11.2 Showing help-balloons
11.3 Dialog support libraries
11.3.1 Reporting errors and warnings
11.3.2 Toolbar support
11.3.3 Example
11.4 Library ``pce_toc'': displaying hierarchies
11.5 Tabular layout
11.5.1 Using format
11.5.2 Using table using the ``tabular'' library
11.6 Plotting graphs and barcharts
11.6.1 Painting axis
11.6.2 Plotting graphs
11.6.3 Drawing barcharts using ``plot/barchart'' Class bar Class bar_button_group
11.7 Multi-lingual applications
11.8 Drag and drop interface
11.8.1 Related methods
11.9 Playing WEB (HTTP) server
11.9.1 Class httpd
11.10 Document rendering primitives
11.10.1 The rendering library
11.10.2 Predefined objects
11.10.3 Class and method reference Class vfont Rendering actions
11.10.4 Using the ``doc/emit'' library