3 Using the online manual

In the previous sections we have introduced XPCE using examples. The language primitives of XPCE are simple, but XPCE as a whole is a massive library of very diverse classes with many methods. The current system contains about 160 classes defining over 2700 methods.

To help you finding your way around in the package as well as in libraries and private code loaded in XPCE, an integrated manual is provided. This manual extracts all information, except for a natural language description of the class, method or slot from the system and thus guarantees exact and consistent information on available classes, methods, slots, types, inheritance in the system.

The manual consists of a number of search tools using different entry points to the material. A successful query displays the summary information for the relevant hyper-cards. Clicking on the summary displays the cards themselves and hyper-links between the cards aid to quickly browse the environment of related material.

Section Index

3.1 Overview
3.2 Notational conventions
3.2.1 Argument types
3.3 Guided tour
3.3.1 Class browser The ClassBrowser dialog Example queries to the classbrowser Methods with special meaning
3.3.2 Reading cards
3.3.3 Search tool
3.3.4 Class hierarchy
3.4 Summary