12.4 Visual hierarchy tool

The ``Visual Hierarchy'' tool provides an overview of the consists-of relations between the various UI components in a tool. It is part of the online manual tools and may be started from the ``Tool'' entry in the main dialog. Figure 31 shows this tool examining the structure of the ``PceDraw'' demo program.

Figure 31 : Visual Hierarchy Tool showing ``PceDraw''

This tool is very useful to examine the structure of existing applications (for example the various demo programs). It may also be used to find object-references and to launch the inspector (section 12.5) on a particular object.

There are three ways to expand the tree of the visual hierarchy tool. The first is to expand the tree from the initially displayed root object. The second is to type the reference in the ``Visual'' text_item and press RETURN. The most comfortable way is to position the mouse in the target object and type META-SHIFT-CONTROL-V.14To remember this sequence: V for Visual and all defined modifiers to avoid a conflict with application defined key-bindings.