B.6 Accessing Windows Cursors

The Win32 version of XPCE supports all the X11 cursors. It also supports the definition of cursors from images. Note that such cursors are generally limited to 32 × 32 pixels on Windows (formally there is no limit in X11, but many (colour) servers exhibit strange behaviour when given cursors larger than this size). The window cursor names are in table 14. Use the File/Demo/Cursors entry from the PCE Manual to inspect all available cursors.

win_arrow Default Windows arrow
win_ibeam Like xterm
win_wait hour-class (good replacement of `watch')
win_cross like crosshair
win_uparrow long up arrow (no good X11 replacement)
win_size A bit like `fleur'
win_icon (see icon and icon_cross)
win_sizenwse NorthWest - SouthEast arrow (no X11 replacement)
win_sizenesw NorthEast - SouthWest arrow
win_sizewe West - East arrow
win_sizens North - South arrow
win_sizeall as win_size
win_no Stop-sign
win_appstarting Arrow with hour-class
Table 14 : Windows cursor name mapping

The distributed Defaults file assigns win_arrow as the default cursor under Windows. win_ibeam is the default editor cursor and win_wait is the default wait cursor.