1.4 Portability

The XPCE virtual machine and built-in class library is written in standard ANSI-C and is portable to any machine offering a flat, sufficiently large, memory model (32 or 64 bits). XPCE's graphical classes (including windows, etc.) interface to XPCE Virtual Windows System (VWS). Currently there are VWS implementations for X11 and the Microsoft Win32 API. Please contact the authors if you are interested in other implementations.

1.4.1 Unix/X-windows

1.4.2 Win32 (Windows 95 and NT)

The same binary version of XPCE runs on both Windows 95 and NT. Its functionality is very close to the Unix/X11 version, making applications source-code compatible between the two platforms. .

A detailed description of the differences between the Unix/X11 version and the Windows version as well as additions to the Windows version to access Windows-specific resources is in appendix B.