B Notes on XPCE for MS-Windows

The binary version of XPCE runs on Windows NT, 2000 and XP.15As of 6.5.x, XPCE is a UNICODE application and is no longer supported for Windows 95, 98 and ME. Its functionality is very close to the Unix/X11 version, making applications source-code compatible between the two platforms. .

XPCE does not build on top of the hosting window-systems GUI library. Instead, the primitive windowing and graphics facilities of the host are used to implement `XPCE's Virtual Window System'. All of XPCE's graphical functionality is build on top of this `Virtual Window System'. This approach guarantees full portability of applications between the platforms.

The look-and-feel of XPCE may be tailored using the defaults file located in <pcehome>/Defaults.

Section Index

B.1 Currently unsupported features in the Win32 version
B.2 Interprocess communication, extensions and interaction
B.3 Accessing Windows Graphics Resources
B.4 Accessing Windows Colours
B.5 Accessing Windows Fonts
B.6 Accessing Windows Cursors