Class Dbase

  extended by com.sri.oaa2.icl.IclDb
      extended by Dbase

public class Dbase
extends com.sri.oaa2.icl.IclDb

Class that makes an IclDb from a text file. The entries should be one per line.

Constructor Summary
Dbase(java.lang.String dbaseName)
Method Summary
 com.sri.oaa2.icl.IclList findAnswers(com.sri.oaa2.icl.IclStruct query)
          Searches the database for answers to a query.
Methods inherited from class com.sri.oaa2.icl.IclDb
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Constructor Detail


public Dbase(java.lang.String dbaseName)
Method Detail


public com.sri.oaa2.icl.IclList findAnswers(com.sri.oaa2.icl.IclStruct query)
Searches the database for answers to a query.

query - the query to search the database with
an IclList with the unified answer/-s to the query