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SWI-Prolog Changelog from version 8.0.0 to 8.0.1

[Jan 23 2019]

  • FIXED: add -rdynamic to cflags to export symbols (fix #420) Only do
    this if we do not put the Prolog core in a shared object. * After cmake 3.4 -rdynamic is not added when building a target. This breaks the android termux build. This patch solves the problem.
  • TEST: Fixed test that broke due to assert to a static procedure unrelated to the test.
  • FIXED: Issue#81: assert/1 and friends must produce a permission error if the predicate is not dynamic and defined.
  • FIXED: in_temporary_module/3: destroy the load context for files loaded into this module.

[Jan 22 2019]

  • FIXED: load_files/2: Added predicate option declaration for dialect(+Dialect)

[Jan 21 2019]

  • CLEANUP: Proper range test (LONG_MAX -> INPTR_T_MAX)

[Jan 18 2019]

[Jan 17 2019]

  • FIXED: possible crash when loading saved states that contain procedures with NULL modules
  • PORT: Generate i386 binaries on x86_64 Debian based Linux systems.
  • BUILD: Updated minimum CMake version required to 3.5

[Jan 15 2019]

[Jan 14 2019]

  • DIST: added packages/windows directory to source archive. Keri Harris

Package http

[Jan 25 2019]

Package nlp

[Jan 24 2019]

  • FIXED: tokenize_atom/2 when the atom contains an illegal number could result in a variable (unbound) extra token in the output.

Package table

[Jan 15 2019]

  • DOC: add table package docs