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SWI-Prolog Changelog from version 7.7.18 to 7.7.19

[Aug 24 2018]

  • DOC: Issue#320: debugger overview.

[Aug 12 2018]

  • PORT: Replace linux/unistd.h with syscall.h for MUSL compatibility MUSL libc doesn't have 'linux/unistd.h' but instead has 'syscall.h' which pulls in the required syscall definitions.

    'syscall.h' also exists on Linux systems - on my Ubuntu install at least - and it pulls in the same definitions as 'linux/unitstd.h'.

  • DOC: Fixed ungrammatical sentence in threads documentation.

[Jul 27 2018]

  • DOC: Added dicts.pl to main library documentation. Peter Ludemann.

[Jul 26 2018]

  • ADDED: git_shortlog/3: option revisions(+Revisions) to allow generating changelogs between revisions.

[Jul 21 2018]

  • FIXED: Ensure declared operators are defined in the target module when QLF compiling a module with exported operators.
  • ADDED: Script to upload packs to github
  • FIXED: select_option/4: only delete an option if found

[Jul 19 2018]

  • DOC: Added link to stack_limit flag.

[Jul 12 2018]

  • DOC: PL_put_term_from_chars() foreign API.

Package clib

[Jul 20 2018]

  • DOC: Document UDP broadcast terms envelope

[Jul 19 2018]

Package clpqr

[Jul 3 2018]

  • FIXED: clpq was not working with expressions containing floats, since nf_number/1 was failing for numbers.

Package http

[Aug 14 2018]

Package nlp

[Jul 23 2018]

  • FIXED: tokenize_atom/2: properly raise exception on errors converting the input text.

Package pengines

[Aug 24 2018]

[Jul 22 2018]

Package pldoc

[Aug 24 2018]

  • ENHANCED: Print a message if a <module> comment does not appear inside a module.

Package semweb

[Aug 12 2018]

  • FIXED: Legal N-Triples escape sequence (\') was not yet implemented.

Package sgml

[Jul 27 2018]

  • FIXED: Enumerating all nodes for element name '*'. Reported by Brian Nolan.

Package ssl

[Aug 26 2018]

  • CLEANUP: Avoid warning of alpn is not supported in this version of libssl.

[Aug 24 2018]

  • ADDED: Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) support. ALPN is required for HTTP/2. Provided by James Cash with comments from Markus Triska and Jan Wielemaker.

Package xpce

[Aug 24 2018]

  • FIXED: Prolog navigator tracking for loading .QLF files.

[Jul 22 2018]

[Jul 21 2018]

  • FIXED: Make pce config load/save work if pce is not imported into the module user. This patch also fixes the encoding of the config file to be UTF-8, avoiding limitations and compatibility issues.

Package zlib

[Aug 20 2018]

  • FIXED: memory leak when gzip input consists of multiple parts.