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Predicate rdf_attach_db/2
 rdf_attach_db(+Directory, +Options) is det
Start persistent operations using Directory as place to store files. There are several cases:
  • Empty DB, existing directory Load the DB from the existing directory
  • Full DB, empty directory Create snapshots for all sources in directory


One of auto (default), read_write or read_only. Read-only access implies that the RDF store is not locked. It is read at startup and all modifications to the data are temporary. The default auto mode is read_write if the directory is writeable and the lock can be acquired. Otherwise it reverts to read_only.
Number of threads to use for loading the initial database. If not provided it is the number of CPUs as optained from the flag cpu_count.
Maximum number of journals kept open. If not provided, the default is 10. See limit_fd_pool/0.
Number of levels of intermediate directories for storing the graph files. Default is 2.
If true (default false), do not print informational messages. Finally, if brief it will show minimal feedback.
If true, nested log transactions are added to the journal information. By default (false), no log-term is added for nested transactions.\\
- existence_error(source_sink, Directory)
- permission_error(write, directory, Directory)