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Source version is det
Print the Prolog banner message and messages registered using version/1.
Source version(+Message) is det
Add message to version/0
Source initialization :Goal
Runs Goal after loading the file in which this directive appears as well as after restoring a saved state.
See also
- initialization/2
Source initialize
Run goals registered with :- initialization(Goal, program).. Stop with an exception if a goal fails or raises an exception.
Source thread_initialization :Goal
Run Goal now and everytime a new thread is created.
Source $initialise is semidet
Called from PL_initialise() to do the Prolog part of the initialization. If an exception occurs, this is printed and '$initialise' fails.
Source $toplevel
Called from PL_toplevel()
Source $compile
Toplevel called when invoked with -c option.
Source $config
Toplevel when invoked with --dump-runtime-variables
Source prolog
Run the Prolog toplevel. This is now the same as break/0, which pretends to be in a break-level if there is a parent environment.
Source $query_loop
Run the normal Prolog query loop. Note that the query is not protected by catch/3. Dealing with unhandled exceptions is done by the C-function query_loop(). This ensures that unhandled exceptions are really unhandled (in Prolog).
Source residual_goals(:NonTerminal)
Directive that registers NonTerminal as a collector for residual goals.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source $thread_init