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Pack wsdl -- README.TXT

A partial WSDL and SOAP library

The wsdl pack is designed to simply access to web services described by the WSDL (Web Service Description Language) standard, and in particular the SOAP variant thereof. The library consists of the following components:

This library can be used to parse a WSDL description and asserts a number of facts (described in the library source) that describe the functionality of the web-service. This can be queried using wsdl_function/6.
This library is used to compose and decompose XML SOAP messages based on the XSD type and a description of the parameters. I.e., it is passed the target (XML) type and data to put in there and it creates an XML DOM (element(Name, Attributes, Content)) tree that satisfies the XML type and contains the parameter values.
This library connects the two above.

The pack comes with a directory examples, which provides a working example that connects it all together.

To be done
- This library is far from complete. Notably
  • WSDL plain HTTP get/post methods are not supported, while they typically provide a much simpler API than the SOAP API.
  • The library(xml_schema) is incomplete and doesn't show a clear view on how XML packages SOAP messages must be represented consise and complete as Prolog terms.