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Pack real -- doc/Todo.txt

Close connection at halt (any change of at_halt/1 Vitor ?!!).

Investigate why plot_cpu/1 needs so much stack. (does it stilL ?) Investigate the x.y notation and see if SWI can cope with it. Calling functions natively ?

We could drop the <- operator even, just hook an exception handler for predicates that are not there !!!

--- threads (SWI, specific ?) The R OS lib is thread-unsafe, add a Prolog layer to cope with this ?

Jan on Mailing list : 2013/1/10,

worker thread. Just create a thread named 'R' and initialize R.

If you want to do something with R, use

thread_send_message('R', process(Me, <data>)),

and in the R thread, in a loop:

thread_get_message(process(Sender, Data)),
r_compute(Data, Result),
thread_send_message(Sender, r_reply(Result)).

Of course, you need to make all this a bit cleaner and handle errors, etc, but this is the basic idea.

--- r_session compatibility add-on ? one that would also solve the threading issue ?