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Pack prolog_rdf -- prolog/rdf_media_type.pl
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 rdf_file_name_media_type(+File:atom, -MediaType:compound) is semidet
The RDF Media Type is based on the last file extension that does not denote an archive format.
 rdf_media_type(+MediaType:compound) is semidet
rdf_media_type(-MediaType:compound) is multi
 rdf_media_type_>(+SuperMediaType:compound, +SubMediaType:compound) is semidet
Strict ordering over RDF Media Types.

An RDF Media Type A is greater than an RDF Media Type B if all valid documents in B are also valid documents in A, and there are some documents that are valid in A that are not valid in B.

 rdf_media_type_format(?MediaType:compound, ?Format:atom) is nondet
 rdfa_media_type(+MediaType:compound) is semidet
rdfa_media_type(-MediaType:compound) is multi